An 18+ Cake Shop
One distant and dark Halloween, many years ago, James came up with a concept so foul and despicable. Fearing the mental damage it would cause if left living in his brain, he brought it into reality hoping the physical manifestation would free him from its cold menacing grasp.
That's how the 18+ cake shop was born. A dungeon in Shoreditch filled with Spooky sponges and frightful frostings. The cakes themselves were made by top cake artists like Lily Vanilli and Konditor & Cook. The shop was host to all sorts of evil, but some of the best included luminous green lime, vodka, and caffeine jelly in syringes, boil cakes that burst with frosting when squeezed, red velvet ventricle hearts,  and the infamous, ungodly (and empoweringly realistic), vagina cupcake. We sent one of those to The One Show. Check below for Dawn French's reaction...
Making Music
Rachael spent much of her university life and early 20s making music with various random things she found in her room and an acoustic guitar. Experimenting with sound has always been something she’s been interested in alongside her passion for visual art.
Cloud of Bats was a side project we both stuck our teeth into, James on Guitar and Rachael singing. We did a few gigs and plan to dip in and out of this project when inspiration strikes. Have a listen to our demo above.
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