Taking the creative lead for the juggernaut promotion that is McDonald's Monopoly was no easy task. In its 10th year, we had to find a way to reinvigorate it, without losing what made it special in the first place. We brought things back to Monopoly, losing the scratch card gimmicks, and keeping art direction and language truly within Monopoly.

The main goal was to take things back to Properly Monopoly. Previous years had seen the game get further and further away from the original board game, with less and less of the icons.
Real-time digital billboards delivered key messaging throughout the campaign, celebrating winners and letting people know how many prizes were left.
We put straw toppers in store. Without any instructions or incentive people across the country started sharing their moustache face.
Here are some of the ideas we had that brought Monopoly 2016 to life on social media whilst continuing to bring new and exciting aspects to the campaign

Displaying the different holidays to choose from

Displaying the choice you have when winning a mini skateboard 

Communicating new elements of game play in a simple and fast way

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